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husqvarna 701 supermoto / eicma 2014

at last years eicma 2013, husqvarna presented a really interesting 701 prototype.

the design was something fresh and exciting! apart from the strange mask and the kind of missing fender…

the rippled seat flowing into the rear sexy ass with an integrated exhaust and the akrapovic logo on the plastic kit,

just awakened more interest to the new Husqvarna concept since ktm took over.

then I had to rub my eyes for a second as I was reading this

Technically, Husqvarna 701 is characterised by a big 690cc single cylinder 4-stroke engine, which produces 75hp and outstanding torque, harnessed within a lightweight Chromoly steel trellis frame and suspended by the latest WP fork and shock technology. The high performance exhaust gives the Husqvarna a soulful voice, while the latest Brembo radial brakes deliver eye-popping stopping power.



could this be true? 75hp with who knows how much weight, but it should be somewhere between 110 and 140 kg…

well anyway this was my biggest point of interest…we all new they will have to change some things to get this bike or concept to a streetlegal maschine…so that’s all we get and now it’s time to wait until the next eicma..


present day:

eicma anno 2014, husqvarana enveiled the 2015 701 supermoto! what a blast!

the design still has a bit of that fresh character, and the strange mask turned into a awkward mask…and look there’s that missing fender ;)

the line didn’t change that much, the rippled flowing suddenly stopped at the edge of the seat and the colordesign is ok but just not that “wow” feeling. anyway changing the colors will be the least problem.

a lot of people are comparing this new husky 701 with the ktm 690 smc. yes I think it has some similarity but it’s still something different and fresh.

I’m just saying, since the ktm 690 smc 2008 until the ktm 690 smc R 2014, there wasn’t a big modification…like to feel “fresh”.


ok the design is a matter of taste. so lets go on with the technical points.

I had to rub my eyes again, I read 67hp and 145kg, like where did the “promised” 75hp disappear?

sales strategy my just ripped that “biggest point of interest” out of my mind..bit disappointed right now.. nevertheless WP suspensions, slipper clutch, ABS and a 14L tank.  sounds ok!

just to give it a new face and chop of the ears…here is as small modified image to calm maybe some people down and maybe not to give up until we can have a seat on this new supermoto and rate it again.

2016  onezyl